In today’s business world, the performance of its executives is the key to a company’s success.

The goals of C. Sloan Consulting’s business consultation services are:

  • Helping an organization and its individual employees/members through a process of effective change in response to the dynamic world of business that is the 21st Century.
  • Maximizing the performance of its executive leaders and key employees through applied assessments and coaching enagements.
  • Fostering effective practice through strategic planning, staff training, and team building

Dr. Rigling is an executive coach, working in order to improve the performance of business executives within a company. He is able to strengthen the work ethic and interpersonal relationships of an executive within his/her company. Dr. Rigling’s clinical psychology background and experience as a leader in business gives him an uncommon perspective on executive coaching. Dr. Rigling has provided consultation services to many companies, ranging from large international  companies to small profit, nonprofit, and family owned businesses and organizations.

Working with C. Sloan Consulting offers a variety of opportunities for positive and effective change within your organization.  Dr. Rigling applies his training in Immunity to Change (ITC) Method to help identify the impediments that individuals and teams within organizations battle with in this dynamic modern workplace.  He has been trained in executive coaching, and has provided coaching services to individuals requesting help adapting to new environments and challenges, as well as to seasoned executives of large international corporations seeking to sharpen their skills.  By utilizing the technique of a 360 degree evaluation as part of a coaching engagement, you will learn about the strengths and gaps in your performance.  Using modern assessment tools, Dr. Rigling will help you identify your ‘brand’, the types of teams and individuals that you are most suited to work with, and those that you will be challenged by.

Dr. Rigling has partnered with Dona Hoff, LCSW and her firm, Hoff Consulting, to form Rigling Hoff Consulting Group(RHCG). This partnership has leveraged the diverse background, education, and experiences to help organizations through a  dynamic change process.